By colorfulhand


 'GOOD NIGHT BODY' is a guided meditation created to help support a healthy and happy sleep routine in children.

This exercise helps transition children from an energetic and lively mood into a calm and mindful state- ready for a good nights sleep!

Putting their body to sleep’ encourages mindfulness. By focusing on their body parts, it helps kids gain self-awareness and become more confident. It also supports their feelings of security creating inner stability. This, in turn, builds compassion, joy and self-esteem.

This guided meditation can be coupled with a gentle massage over each body part as you gently ‘switch it off’ for the day- giving children the ability to completely relax and fall fast asleep feeling a deep sense of love and connection with you. Meditation teaches kids-and adults- that right now is enough.

‘Put my body to sleep’ allows parents to show support by being present- creating the most beautiful bond with your child on a spiritual, emotional and physiological level.


Guided Meditation Length: 9 minutes 57 seconds

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